Vision & Mission

At Duta Hita Jaya, we the belief that besides the quality management, we also need to commit to our customers needs and strives for excellence in all that we do.
Our Aim Is To Meet Or Exceed The Needs Of Our Customers. We focus on and monitor on-time delivery performance, to provide exceptional support for our customers.
We continue to improve our scheduling procedures with customer-focused marketers and professional engineers to fulfill customer needs.


PT. Duta Hita Jaya is committed to comply with customer’s requirements and to fulfill customer’s satisfaction.


To produce quality products (fabrication & construction) at a competitive price and on time.

Company Core Values

We always improve our capability to be able to work together in harmony. This is why our employees adopted the policy towards our business and quality processes just like the V formation of the flying geese. Our competent employees are

  1. Being able to anticipate and react before there is a problem.

  2. Desiring to continue to learn every time, place, and circumstances.

  3. Understand, sure, assured, and oversee to meet goals which has been decided and agreed.

  4. Has a clear objective to be achieved and not fixated on an existing method (innovative).

  5. Consistent and sustainable in the act.




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